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Related post: Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 23:17:37 EDT From: Subject: "RICHARD illegal childporn toplist BUCKET" (PART 8)OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: This story is FICTION based upon public nudist porn toplist FICTIONAL characters. "KUA" is a BBC production and is written and directed by Harold Snoad. I'd like to take child xxx toplist a moment here to say "THANKS!" to all mom daughter nude toplist the Nifty readers who have been kind enough to e-mail me to tell me how much they are getting off on the "Richard Bucket" series. I had no idea that the male "KUA" characters had such a large male following; in fact, a number of guys said they can never watch the series as they once did...they see it cp illegal toplist in a whole new perspective! So beach sex toplist again, sexyl teen toplist readers, "THANKS! NOTE: Many readers have childporn and toplist asked that I do a story involving Richard Bucket's son, "Sheridan", who was "away at University" and never seen in the series. So, for you guys, I have not only brought in Sheridan, but his Asian roommate "Tarquin"........UNZIP AND ENJOY!! Emmett Hawksworth thought dark gallery toplist he was the luckiest devil alive when Richard asked him over to meet his son, Sheridan, who was home on holiday from university, hentia toplist porn along with his best mate and roomate, Tarquin. toplist illegal pic Though Hycaninth continually bragged about her only son, driving Emmett (and everyone else!) stark crazy, Emmett toplist topless kids felt his cock pound as he shook Sheridan's hand. wet panties toplist Sheridan Bucket was much toplist 12yo taller than his stocky toplist illegal xxx dad, a handsome, sandy-haired young fellow whose tight jeans revealed toplist angles a hot looking set of round bumcheeks. Tarquin, was a slim, but cartoon toplists VERY well-muscled Thai, and his muscular forearms were testimony that he enjoyed working out, 16 teen toplist and his tight, worn jeans showed that he was obviously very well hung. Both Richard and Emmett had noticed this, and they both started drooling at the thought of that hot slab of Thai tool that lurked in those tightjeans....... Hyacinth was away for the weekend, again up at her sister Violet's luxury country cottage. She was heartbroken fozya toplist she wouldn't be home to see her Sheridan toplist ukraine porn when he first arrived, but, it coudn't be helped. Richard, teen sex photos toplist of course, was pleased that his overbearing, annoying wife was nude beach pics toplist out of his way for a lola nude toplist few days....... Richard knew kindersex toplist full well that Sheridan was gay and was having sex with his hunky Asian friend, so he wasted no time in switching the conversation to man-sex. naturist camp toplist pussy toplist 3d toplist cartoon russian sex pics toplist Richard and Emmett both treated Sheridan and Tarquin to the latest gay sexcapades, and the two young men were soon rubbing the bulges in thier tight jeans, totally turned gay son incest toplist on. Sheridan had indeed fantasized many times about getting it on with his dapper executive dad, but NEVER in his wildest dreams did he think it would ever becomereality! Sheridan, with Tarquin sitting nudist toplist next to him on the settee (an exact replica of the one at Sandringham House!) , took another gulp of sherry and chuckled, "Right, Dad, how about teenies pics toplist you and Emmett giving me and my mate Tarquin some hot oral action? 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Both Richard and Emmett complied, and, when thier trousers and underwear were down around thier gartered socks, Tarquin reached out and grabbed Emmett's shirtsleeved arm, pulling him forward and across his knees. Sheridan followed suit, sitting down on his mum's expensive coffee table innocent girls toplist and pulling his chunky dad green teens toplist across his own lap. toplist teen movies df topliste preeteens forbidden toplists toplist sex free teen toplist password sex toplist teenie "Right, then, Sheridan, let's give your dad and his illegal boys toplist next-door mate a thrashing they'll NEVER forget!" SMACK! SMACK! WHAP! WHAP! SMACK! SMACK! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Both Richard and Emmett howled and yelped as thier round, hairy arses were spanked soundly by the two horny, authoritive young toplist ass asia men. 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Emmett offered no protest, and, in a flash, toplist nonnude modles found himself bent over the back of the sofa, with Richard bent over right beside him! Then both Tarquin toplist ls studio and Sheridan dropped to thier knees, and pulled Richard and Emmett's sore, cartoon sex toplist hairy bumcheeks apart, and both older men groaned as they felt toplist cumshot thier hairy, sweaty rumps bieng tongued by the two horny young blokes. Emmett groaned deeply as Tarquin's nn toplist thick tongue lapped madly away at his pulsating chute, getting small porn toplist it well-primed. "COME ON, SHERIDAN, LET'S GIVE THESE TWO OLD nude tween toplist BLOKES A RIDE THEY'LL WISH WENT ON FOREVER!" With that, Sheridan started easing his throbbing tool between his dad's furry, still-glowing bumcheeks and Richard let out a yelp as his son's cock started to invade his eager bunghole. "OOHHHDAMMIT!! DAMMIT!!!!!!" Emmett snarled, as Tarquin's Thai ass-splitter started stetching his tight chute. Sheridan's jeans were down round his ankles, and he had the front of his red briefs pulled down below his 12yo toplist links bloated balls. Tarquin's jeans, also, were down cp boy toplist to his shoes, but his fat cock was sticking out of the fly of his tight boxers, incestsex toplist his big toplist nude cp Asian balls slapping up against Emmett's sizzling arsecheeks. Both Emmett and Richard had thier arms around sex manga topliste each other, clutching one another in a fierce embrace as thier hairy stories toplist bums were bieng thoroughly buggered by two very horny real home porn toplists and dominating young, virile men. The two older fellows grunted and groaned as thier tight, hot bungholes were throttled by two huge cocks. Emmett and Richard's toplist preeten hard cocks were grinding against the back of the sofa, darkcollections toplist the expensive material already free porn toplist galleries stained pre toplist with lube. Tarquin started rougly swatting Emmett's hairy, red bum with each foward thrust, and Sheridan 3d adult tgp toplist followed suit, loving the sight of his dad's corporate bum quivering and shaking and turning even redder. All four knew that this COULDN'T go on forever...... "OOOHHHFUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!" Emmett moaned, feeling his nuts blow. "SLAM THAT HAIRY ARSE, YOU HOT ASIANFUCKER...OOHHYESS..UGHHHH!!!" Emmett's throbbing cock started spitting out thick jets of hot jizz, splattering the sofa back and his ls toplist boys sweaty shirtfront. Emmett's spasming asshole brought the horny, humpy Asian to a mind-boggling climax. 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And Sheridan was indeed beach toplist girls grateful that his overbearing mum was not at home to welcome him......his dad certainly gave him a "welcome home" that only HE could have toplist nonnude biki modles given!! THE END!! Hope you guys enjoyed!! Comments and feedback always welcome!
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